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April 2020 Things

It’s snowing. I think it is the last burst of winter for we have had a relatively warm one. Perhaps another reason to stay at home in this coronavirus time. Here is what my local area looked like when I went for a walk a few days ago. My diary for April is empty for meetings etc. Some of them have moved to Zoom. Big expansion in this on-line communication service.

Who has a birthday in April? 
Uli from my Muggelsee Gang in Berlin will be 73 on the 6th April, His wife Petra has her birthday on the 8th, followed by Daniel Bateson who will be 42 on the 9th and celebrate with his wife and baby son in Australia. Dennis Hickman has his 65th on the 11th April. Sure to be a big party for that special day with his family in California. Neil Deane, academic and author, hits 63 on the 13th. Matthew Bolton will celebrate his 22nd birthday with family in Yorkshire on thge 14th. My grand-nephew Henri will be 10 years old on the 18th and sure to celebrate with his family in Hook which is in the south of England. My ex-business partner Mathias Gellrich will be 56 on the 19th and sure to celebrate with family here in Berlin. Peter Legarth over in Alt-Landsberg hits 57 on the 22nd and is sure to celebrate his big day with Andre and family. Closer to home, Birgit Fedor celebrates her 56th birthday on the 24th and so ends our birthday month.
Happy Birthday to all no matter where you are!