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Face mask

Do you have a face mask and wear it when you go outside? I didn’t until yesterday. A friend called to say that a local clothes repair shop was producing and selling them. I know this shop and nice lady who owns it. I wandered down to the shop and had a little chat with her before buying a couple of face masks. When I go out many people walk about wearing one or you see them in the supermarkets. I can join their numbers now.

I have never liked customers in supermarkets who pick up all the fruit, press them, smell them and then often put the fruit back. I only buy fruit in packing so that my fruit does not have the germs of others on them. Its on the packing which I throw away as soon as I get home then wash the fruit. This is particularly important in these days of coronavirus.

A couple of times recently I said to such customers that they should not press/pick up all the fruit. Last time it spread into a discussion with 6 customers and all critical of the ‘Presser’. The ‘Presser’ moved away without saying a word.

When I got home from a walk this afternoon, I checked my e-mails and found a really good one from Birgit. Here it is and takes us back to a face mask but this time with a nice liquid. I must look for such a face mask, or else I’ll take the cartoon to the lady in the clothes repair shop and ask her to make me such a face mask!