Left bed


Weather here is still blue sky and sun but cool. Due to have a cold spell starting on Sunday. The anti-corinavirus measures are as strict as ever. Most shops closed except for supermarkets, chemist’s and bakeries. Still no toilet tolls or tissues in my local supermarkets. Perhaps you have just heard in your national TV or radio that Boris Johnson and the Health Minister have been diagnosed with the virus. I wonder how they will handle staying at home for the next few weeks.

I’m looking for a laptop. It’s not for me but for The Boyz. They arrived on Wednesday afternoon to work on my laptop and printer. One of them has moved into a high school and has lots of work to do writing applications for training courses. Like most people their age, they can use a laptop with no problem, but they need one to prepare school work. Have you, or do you know of anyone with an old laptop at home or in the cellar? If so, please contact me.

Bro2 arrived clean shaven, as you can see in the photo. Here he is trying to imitate Dracula by biting Bro1 in the neck ! He did some English homework as Bro2 worked on the documents he needs for when they are allowed back to school-college. It is always nice to see them and we talked about many things including the coronavirus. They said they were hungry an hour after their arrival – but that is normal. I let them make snacks which they consumed while sipping water and fruit juices. No beer or alcohol. Hope someone offers a used laptop for it would make life easier for them in their studies.

The nice Irish Water from Ian and Birgit was tested last week. You can see the full bottle looks very happy next to the empty Glenfiddich. I had a visitor so it was a good excuse to open it and compare the taste. It has a very strong warm taste when you first sip it and then it melts into a very pleasant aftertaste. It was so nice we had another glass 🙂