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Wo 2 Du

What do you do when you have to stay at home for 2 weeks, or more, because of the coronaviris risk?  I have heard some discussion about this on various radio programmes both in the UK and Germany. There seems to be general agreement about reading, watching TV, listening to the radio, take up drawing or painting, knitting, needlework or any neglected hobby or interest and keep-fit exercises. You could also take up collecting Blah-Blah. Here is a recent collection taken from BBC Radio 4 programmes, mainly news or Any Questions discussions. All came from the mouths of ‘native speakers’ I wonder where the English language is going when I hear such things. Here goes 

Health messaging / to listen back / the source individual / the risk remain low / I am suspect of this idea / a big, big job of work (thanks Boris Johnson for that!) as we speak at the moment / we have a window of dry weather / to bridge something through / there are issues around / the people issue / a raft of people / discussions around individuals / system to individual side / things shake down / make a judgment call / speak to in real time / life critical / taking such huge action / it could re-benefit them / to better choices / to retro fit / to crowbar your agenda /