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Hamster Shopping

Perhaps you are suffering the same as we are. I mean something called Hamster Shopping. Go to any supermarket here and you will find all the shelves for toilet rolls empty. Those for tissues are almost empty. All as a result of the spread of coronavirus and requests for self-isolation. News broadcasts are full of politicians asking German people not to ‘Hamster Shop’. Seems like a lot of people are not listening.

All my regular appointments have been cancelled for the next five weeks. I decided to spend more time alone with a book. I selected one called School Grammar German for children in the 5th Class. I flipped through it and noted all the exercises had answers in the back. Easy for me to cheat! I read Unit 1 about Articles and Nouns and did the exercises. I was sure I had all correct and so turned to the answer section. Ohhh Noooo….they were all wrong! I decided to take the book and learning activities more seriously as I stay at home to avoid corona virus carriers on the street.

Last Sunday I met Johanna and Martina. We set off for an old industrial complex on the banks of the River Spree south of where I live. It is near the building where I meet Kerstin and the Oldie Keep-Fit Gang each Friday morning. That has now been closed for 5 weeks. In the complex is a building in which many artists paint and make sculptures.

One of them is Maud who is Johanna’s daughter. I have been to her exhibitions before and posted reports on my blog. The artists were giving another exhibition of their works and we all enjoyed wandering around the rooms seeing their works. I took a bottle of my favourite Spanish sekt and so we started with a sip of that to thank Maud for the invitation. Here is a photo and she is in the middle. Thanks Maud for a nice time!