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Whiskey Boots

I’ve had a good week including meeting some friends at my place. They like to drink black tea with no sugar or milk, but with a drop of ‘medicine’. This visit they finished off a nice whiskey from Scotland called Jura. It has a very round, warm taste and does not burn as you move it into your throat. If you get the chance I suggest you buy a bottle and judge for yourself.

As we finished the Jura, we noted we still had a lot more tea to drink so I opened another bottle of ‘medicine’. I am sure you know the name Glenfiddich. You will find it in most airport shops and stores where you live. We sipped some and compared the taste. It is good but ….. I found it lacked the warm round taste you get from Jura. My visitors agreed!

On Tuesday I was in local store and found shoes/boots on special offer. I found a pair my size and bought them. Guess where they were made? You are right — in India! They feel comfortable and are just the right things for my feet as we still have cold and wet weather here.

The coronavirus has now spread around the world. In Germany there is lots of discussions about how to respond. Yesterday, I got e-mails saying meetings with my Oldies would be cancelled from next Monday until further notice. I can understand the decision but I shall miss meeting them each week.

My meetings with Thorsten to learn how to use a Tablet and a Smartphone have also been cancelled. Pity for I have always liked the meetings and trying to catch up with 5 year olds who use a smartphone all the time! Take care and stay healthy.

UPDATE: I watched the local news programme and heard that the Berlin government decided to implement a series of closures including schools from next Monday. Also, that the number of infections and deaths has increased.