Left bed

Fruit Salad

I’ve always liked different fruit salads and my grandmother made some very tasty ones for me. At home we kids grabbed all the fruit as my mother unpacked it, and straight into the mouth. No time to make a salad! The Bros also like salads, as you can see from the photos. I made a mixed salad but with a lot of strawberries.

They arrived late Sunday morning to pick up some clothes and school materials I had been given for the family. They said they wanted to speak English when they visited. I asked why. The answer was that their school English was terrible and they were looking to the future and work after school when they would need English. I just nodded and smiled, but they only spoke English during their visit.

On Monday, I went to the Doc and got some new medicine for my lower right leg. It is now getting better. I also started with a bloodshot left eye. No idea how or why it started. I got drops for that which I have to take three times a day. Imre sent me a collection of photos taken at his big party. Nice to see the guests again and the tables of food and drinks 🙂

On Saturday, a memorial was held in Brighton to celebrate the life of the musician Glen Capra. A lot of people attended and a text was written containing things said about him. My text was included. His family sent me a copy yesterday. Very sad to read it but it brought back many good memories and I learnt more about him and his life after I left Brighton. I shall always value the e-mails he sent me just before his death.