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March 2020 Things

I had a good week with nothing special to report. The big event was yesterday. I went to a teacher workshop followed by the AGM of eltabb. I co-founded eltabb 25 years ago and reported on the party  to celebrate that event a few months ago. Eltabb means English Language Teachers’ Association. Most of the board members and management committee are women. They do a superb job and I was happy to vote them back into office.

Next week looks like last week in terms of appointments and meetings. Nothing special except seeing the doctor on Monday morning. I have a skin infection on my right ankle to lower leg. I got medicine a few weeks ago but that hasn’t helped. Perhaps a different medicine next Monday. Let’s see.

Now to ask – who has a birthday in March 2020? Colin over in Australia starts the list with his big day on the 19th, Dr Günter Porsch in Berlin has his celebration on the 22nd, Dr Bernd Wittek will celebrate with his family near Berlin on the 28th. My wonderful friend Johanna celebrates her birthday on the 31st and so ends the month. Happy Birthday no matter where you are 🙂