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Party Time

I had a really nice long lazy lunch with my Kowalke Gang ladies yesterday. We sampled the wine from Portugal I told you about in a recent post. All but one found it delicious and we slowly finished the bottle over more conversation. We started the meal with a glass of sparkling wine (sekt) to welcome Emma’s baby sister into the world. Very nice!

Later I set off to another part of Berlin to find the place where Imre was going to celebrate his 65th birthday. It was not far from his local SB-Station so I got there on time. It was in a community centre and Imre had organised a wide range of food from a local catering company.  There was also plenty to drink! Many guests were already settled in so Imre introduced me to them.

I then went for a drink and there I met one of Imre’s sons. I hadn’t seen him for a long time so we caught up on news. It was really nice to see him again then suddenly Imre announced that the food tables were opened so we rushed to fill our plates. There was more that enough for everyone so many guests went back for more – and more!

As we finished eating, the band prepared to play. Imre is a great fan of music from the 1960s-1970s, including heavy metal and he still goes to such concerts. I was surprised to see a women on the drums and how well she played. In the break I told her how much I had enjoyed listening to her – I got a beaming smile and ‘thanks’ in reply! I stayed longer than I thought I would and went home feeling very happy to have been invited to such a remarkable birthday party. Thanks Imre 🙂