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February 2020 Things

Nothing special to report about last week. I stayed up late last night to watch BREXIT reports on different TV channels. I heard nothing new, neither from Brexiters nor Remain speakers. Let’s see what Boris and his Gang can deliver before the end of the year. That is how much time they have to negotiate now they are outside the EU.

It is a gray, wet day but the temperature has risen to 13°C. I plan a lazy weekend. Next Tuesday evening I shall attend the Berlin Labour Party AGM, Some new, younger members are standing for positions so I shall vote for them!On Thursday afternoon I shall share Kaffee und Kuchen with a couple from my Keep-Fit Gang  – Brexit is sure to come up in conversation! Next Sunday I am going to a concert at the ‘Kammer-philharmonie’ with some of my Kowalke Gang.

Who has a birthday in February? My oldest and best friend Alan Bateson will be 77 on the 3rd of February and sure to celebrate with Lynne in Castleford. He shares the day with Imre who will be 65 and plans a big party in a couple of weeks time. I wonder what will be on offer to eat 🙂 Jens W. who lives on the Muggelsee, will be 50 on the 4th. We then jump to the 18th when Dr. I. Pardon will celebrate her 72nd. Not sure if the party will be in Berlin or St. Petersburg. Eleonora will be 61 on the 22nd. Moving to London we find Adrian Bridge will celebrate his 60th on  the 25th February. We end the month in Australia where Peter Bateson will celebrate his 40th on the 28th.      Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you live!