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I had a very happy few days in Singapore a few years ago. It was a stop-over on my way to Sydney in Australia. I liked everything about it and noted it was a multi-cultural place. I posted a story and photos to my blog, but you don’t need to spend time trying to find them!

Ian and Birgit decided to divide their time between Sydney and Singapore and so found a flat in Singapore. They spent Christmas and the New Year there. They sent me a couple of photos. One of them is of the forest in the north. Very nice and relaxing to look at.

The other is of a tray with vegetable biriyani. Very traditional Indian and a dish I like a lot. In Singapore you will find people from many backgrounds including India. India is also part of Ian’s background.

He knows about the history and cultures of the country – and regional food. We spent some time there many years ago with friends from our university. I hope you enjoyed the biriyani, Ian, and keep sending the photos.Now back to life in Berlin 🙂