Left bed

Ow’s yer ‘ and

Last Friday I picked up a surgical glove from a medical centre. My Dr had sent me to a specialist Dr who wrote a prescription for a glove. That was sent to my health insurance which eventually agreed to pay. It was not cheap at Euro 144 of which my share was Euro 26. The problem started over a year ago.

I began to notice the muscle between my thumb and first finger was getting smaller. People said it was an age problem so I put a bandage on my left hand and got on with enjoying the year. It got much worse as the year advanced and now I have this strong type of medical glove to stop deterioration and support my hand. Here you can see it.

 I have to go to an X-Ray centre on 8th January for x-rays so my specialist can see what is happening under the skin. On the 9th January I have to go to a hospital for more checks on my face. Still lots of blotches and hard type of spots – which have nothing to do with adolescence!

 Last Wednesday I started with pains in my lower right leg. I went to the Docs this morning and got a prescription for tablets called ‘Doxycyclin AL 200 T’. I have to take one each evening before supper. I also got some bandages for my leg. They are slightly elasticated and I have to wind one tightly around my lower leg. Busy time with Drs at the moment. Hope you are keeping well and healthy.