Left bed

Sunday lunch

Imre rang the doorbell at 12.45 pm on Sunday, as agreed. He came to my place on  Bicycle No.1. He left the other 2 at home. He also brought 3 smartphones and 2 cameras! He relaxed in the kitchen and started to sip orange juice. He likes all fruit juices. We caught up on news as he sipped. He spoke mostly about his lady-friend, family birthdays and his job.

We left for the Czech Restaurant a few streets away. It had been reserved for a family event so we could not stay. We decided to go to an Italian restaurant at the end of the road. We had been there before so knew the menu and service. Imre wanted to sit at a window seat and so it was agreed. He then confessed to having cooked a large pan of food and eaten some of it for breakfast, therefore, he only wanted to eat a salad.

Even so I wondered if he would still try to eat from my plate. I ordered tagliatelle with small pieces of chicken breast and vegetables. He ordered a salad and started to eat. He looked at my dish then suddenly his fork picked up some chicken and he ate it. No surprise there! Later we returned to my place where we had coffee and more chat. He is working over Christmas so we decided to meet again when he had a free day and he would call me to arrange that. Always interesting to meet him and listen to his news- Looking forward to more of that in the New Year.