Left bed


Regular readers will know that each Friday I run to the No. 27 Tram and jump on it at 09.31. It is usually full of students going to the Technical College next to where I do my training. In addition, teachers often take lots of kids to a play area a bit further on so it is always full.

We do training exercises from 10.00 am to 11.30 am. Kerstin is the trainer and here is a photo of her leading the group. I usually meet a member of the group called Werner in the changing room. He is a hobby photographer and likes to play around with images. He also takes videos on family holidays which he lets me watch. In addition, he supports refugee families including my family.

On Friday he showed me two photo and said I could have them. I don’t remember him taking them. I asked who it was behind the mask and he said it was me! I can’t remember wearing such a thing. I suspect he used a photo changing programme to add the mask to my face. It’s horrible but some friends said it was an improvement :-))

After training I met Imre and we went to ‘ExpoLingua-Berlin’. It was the 32nd International Fair for Languages and Cultures. It was held in the Russian Federation Building on Friedrichstrasse. It provides information about learning 90 languages, offers 90 lectures and there were 150 stands/stalls. Lot of visitors and good atmosphere. No surprise that Imre was hungry. We stopped at a restaurant so he could sample some of the food on offer. It was pasta with meat balls. I just watched him chew!