Left bed


One week since my last post. How time flies. I told you before that I was in the Philharmonie last Saturday and on Sunday I went to a special meeting of Berlin Labour Party. It was about the election in the UK on the 13th December and how we in Berlin could participate and support members.

On Monday and Tuesday I had my usual meetings then on Wednesday evening I went to a meeting of my SPD. It is busy drawing up a declaration about building and development of the district in which I live. A 7 page document had earlier been sent to members so the meeting was to hear if they wanted any changes. A very interesting session.

On Wednesday I met my German teacher again to discuss and analyse a letter I had got. Later I went to a local restaurant to book a table for Sunday lunch. I got the last one. Friday had my usual meetings plus a visit from Johanna for ‘tea and cakes’ and a chat. Very nice.

Tomorrow I am going to a local restaurant to meet Jan and family including his mother for lunch. Then off to a church for a christening service for Andrea’s little boy. Really looking forward to that. Berlin is settling into autumn as you can see from the leaves in my garden. I prefer Spring!