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More Blah!

Learning a language is not easy, but why is speaking your native language so difficult sometimes? I have posted before about native Brits speaking rubbish so here is another post. Most taken from BBC Radio 4 news broadcasts and speakers were politicians, business representatives, show people and any others considered important enough to interview. Try the following:-

they are much more on it/ a club who/ he wasn’t educated on the situation/ the result were/ companies have fell down quickly/ that will grow dramatic/ I entirely believe/ on the end of October/ is been prepared to be/ are you minded to go for it/ more drift is an aspiration/ use-u-alise/ put the idea into concrete/ they keep not putting it/ a loved-up selfie.

If you are learning English, please do not learn such rubbish. Now off to meet members of Berlin Labour Party in town. I wonder what I shall hear there!

Update: There were a number of young members at the meeting so no surprise that I heard, ‘like’ – ‘er, like’, ‘yer ‘n like’, too often!