Left bed


I enjoyed meeting my Kowalke Gang last Friday evening. We started with a glass of cold sparkling wine before settling down for a trip around parts of Japan. The daughter of one of the gang went there recently with her friend. She is also a painter and good with a camera.

I have never been to Japan, so I found it interesting to listen to their experiences and enjoy the photos. All of it was positive. Their stories covered travelling, food, cleanliness, and many other topics and all reports were good. We then had supper together with more talk about Japan.

Earlier I had been with Kerstin and the Keep-Fit-Oldies. Two weeks ago she introduced us to a new training tool. It is a roller as you can see from the photo. She offered to order one for anyone interested. I put my hand up immediately and she delivered it yesterday. I now have to read all the instructions, find a free place on a wall and just practice. I think it will be good for my back. Now you can see that you can do Rolling without Rocking!

Latest statistics: The Guardian reported that 320,000 people are now homeless in Britain. Also that the number of Britons leaving for Europe is now at a 10 year high. Last year, 11,500 moved from UK to Germany. I wonder if it has anything to do with Brexit.