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October 2019 Things

On Monday morning I bought some nice flowers and took them to my district graveyard. A short walk through the nearby garden houses and I arrived at one of the graveyard entrances. A few more steps and I arrived at Birgit’s family grave. I have posted about her before.

I placed the flowers at the head of the grave as I wished her a happy 67th Birthday on behalf of myself and her family. As I looked at the gravestone and flowers I thought about the time we had spent together, her trips, humour and smile. Many things to reflect on.

I also gave special wishes from her sister Heike. I was deputising for her. Heike loves to cruise around the world. She was recently on a cruise to St. Petersburg. As she left the ship she stumbled and broke her left arm. She was treated in hospital then put onto a plane to Berlin.

 She then went into a hospital in the city of Brandenburg, where she lives, contacted me and asked if I would stand in for her. I was happy to do that, but it would have been better if she had been with me. Get well soon, Heike!

Who has a birthday in October 2019?
My nephew Andrew in Yorkshire will be 42 on the 5th,  another nephew called Warren will be 43 on the 12th and also celebrate in Yorkshire! Bro2 will be 17 on the 13th and I am sure I shall be invited to his party here in Berlin. My lovely sister Frances will be 73 on the 14th and celebrate in Yorkshire with son Warren and others. Back in Berlin, Falk will celebrate another birthday with his family on the 15th – his age is a secret! My  neighbour Marita will be 69 on the 21st and I am looking forward to a glass of sekt with her to celebrate the event. Dianne Bolton celebrates her 73rd with family in Yorkshire on the 27th. The little sister of The Boyz will be 11 on the 28th, and I am sure she will want to eat a large ice-cream to celebrate the event. Tanya in London ends the birthday month with her 55th on the 31st of October.
Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you live:-)