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Wet Weekend

It’s raining again! Yesterday I set off twice to enjoy the blue sky and sun. Each time I had to return as the sky opened and we had very heavy rain storms. I know the land needs lots of rain after two hot summers but I would still like to enjoy a weekend without rain!

Since my last post, I have had a number of meetings with Johanna, lunch on Thursday with Colin and a meeting with friend R. to sip a couple of G&T’s and talk about a time to take my iMac pieces for re-cycling. We did that on Saturday morning so we shall meet next week to destroy the drive. Should be an interesting meeting and discovering what is inside the drive.

On Friday I went to my usual Kerstin ‘Keep Fit for Oldies’ session then got a message from Stefan saying the Photoshop meeting was cancelled. He said I was the only one to register for the session. Since the beginning of the year we have only met 9 times! That means 1 meeting a month and 3 meetings cancelled. I am thinking about finding another group.

Today is Berlin Marathon day. I have just checked Der Tagesspiegel webpage. The say it is. “colourful, wet and dramatic”. They reported that 52,000 are running including 5,000 skaters and about 1 million people are lining the streets to cheer on the runners. All this with 14°C and rain. Running through rain seems not to bother those taking part. I am impressed.