Left bed


It is cooler since last weekend. I now go out wearing a warm autumn-winter jacket and I have noticed the many people on public transport have stopped wearing shorts! The trees are turning brown and shedding their leaves. What a pity for I am a summer person and do not like the grey, cold days.

I met Barbara on Monday morning for a German lesson. We analysed a text I had brought with me to discuss the words I did not know. Barbara was critical of the writer and his use of  language. In the dictation section she said I was getting better. At last, something to smile about!

The rest of the week has no special events except meeting Colin tomorrow evening for a meal and a beer. He has a really full programme before he takes the flight back to Australia. I am also meeting a friend tomorrow to move the iMac pieces to an electrical recycling centre. After that, I shall make sure he enjoys at least one glass of beer as thanks for his help.

Friday starts with Kerstin and the Keep-Fit-Oldies and then I join Stafan and the Photoshop-Gang for a session. We do not have many now so each meeting is special. The weekend I have free so perhaps I shall take public transport and see the trees turning brown in the country around Berlin. I end with a photo of Bro2 for I really like it and I hope it will make you smile as you journey through the week.