Left bed


Since my last post I have had a week with all the usual meetings and appointments. Busy Monday to Wednesday and a lazy day for me on Thursday. I got an e-mail from Daniel asking if we could meet. I told him to come to my place on Friday after 3.00 pm. He did just that.

He looked very fit and healthy. He had just got back from a long holiday in Moldova with family and friends and a special lady! He filled me in with all the things that had happened since out last meeting. In return I told him about my summer including trying to activate my MacBook laptop. I opened it to show him some of the problems of getting it to function.

Daniel then asked why I needed it when I had other computers and machines to learn how to use. I didn’t have a clear answer but his question got me thinking. We talked about the MacBook, then I decided it was time to say goodbye. It was 11 years old last May, which makes it an ‘Old Age Pensioner’ (OAP) Laptop!

I brought in some tools and we set to work. I was curious to find out what was under the white plastic casing. I had to remove a lot of very small screws to begin to separate the pieces. Daniel then took over including breaking open the screen. We then destroyed all the memory sections. Here you can see Daniel having fun finding out what is inside an old MacBook.

Health: My right arm expanded a lot during the week but I got some tablets to swallow each morning and cream to rub on my skin. The arm is now its normal size and skin stopped burning. It is just a question of time before the red skin disappears.