Left bed

Garden Party

Last Friday I had a party in my garden. I wrote the word ‘my’ for most of my neighbours don’t use the garden. They sit in their balcony shade and look at anyone who uses the table and benches under a very large tree. The weather was dry and not so hot so my Kowalke Gang arrived.

Kaffee und Kuchen time starts from 3 pm here and so they arrived at 3.15. We carried all the plates and cutlery we needed down into the cellar then into the garden and started to decorate the table. One of the gang had baked a large fruit cake which had pride of place in the middle of the table.

We started with a glass of sekt/sparkling wine to toast Gerald who is unfortunately in a home for ill people. Here is a photo which also includes Colin who is visiting from Australia. I made lots of coffee and the cake was cut. Just then I felt something bite the inner part of my upper right arm. I squashed it with my arm then noticed the burning pain.

I told the others about this and then my arm started to swell and I began to feel very strange. I lay on my bed and felt a little better before joining the rest. My body started to shake so I returned to my bed. Later I was able to join the group and enjoy the rest of the afternoon with them. I wonder what bit me — and why me?