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September 2019 Things

Today is the 80th anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the German military which started World War II. Britain declared war on Germany on the 3rd September 1939. The German president and entourage are in Poland to lay wreaths and join in memorial services. I grew up with the sons and daughters of Polish soldiers who settled in the UK after 1945. I only have good memories of my time with them.

My Kowalke Gang was happy to welcome Colin last Friday to a nice supper. Thanks Martina for taking the trouble and hosting the event. Colin flew in from Sydney on Wednesday but needed some time to adjust. He looked just the same as last summer when he visited. He has a full programme of visiting family and friends. He is Johanna’s cousin so they plan a number of visits together. I shall be travelling with them later as they visit nearby towns.

The weather is still hot. Yesterday I had 33°C on my balcony again and it is nearly that now. I shall take the S-Bahn early afternoon to meet The Family. It is months since we all met. I shall treat them to ice cream for I know they like it. After that I am taking the tram to Rahnsdorf. This is a small town to the east of Lake Muggelsee. Angelika is celebrating her birthday there at the family house. I’m looking forward to that for many guests are musicians and always start playing instruments.

Who has a birthday in September? 
Lynne in Castleford starts us off by celebrating her 72nd with Alan today. I wonder if she gave the sermon at her church this morning. If so, perhaps the theme was Birthdays! In London, Charlotte will be 28 on the 6th. This is a day she shares with Nevand in Berlin who will be 15, and also with Arancha in Den Haag who will be 35 and sure to celebrate with Jan and Emma. Back in Berlin, Andrea will be

34 on the 8th and celebrate with Marco. On the 11th, Gabi will celebrate her 53rd birthday with Holger at their house south of Bremen. David K. will be 19 on the 12th. He is head of the local Jusos – this is the organisation for young members of the SPD. He has also asked me to help him to pass the Cambridge Proficiency Examination. He wants to study in the UK. Nephew Stephen G. in Cambridge hits 49 on the 22nd. Robert Gast is the son of Birgit and he will celebrate his 41st in Berlin with his family. Sylvana with celebrate her 59th with Mathias on the 25th. Back to Cambridge again for on the 27th, Lew G will have his birthday – number is unknown – with my sister Pauline. On the 29th my nephew Jefferson will be 46 and celebrate with his family in Hook in the south east of England.
Happy Birthday everyone no matter where you are:-)