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I have always enjoyed reading. Here I mean paper and print in my hands, usually called a book! Thinking back to my childhood I have little memory of books at home except for painting-drawing books. My father was a talented amateur drawer and painter. My source was the school library. I also had a good English teacher called Mrs Waugh who encouraged all of us to read, read and read!

Here you can see what I have just read, am reading and will read. This morning I finished the book by Bernhard Schlink called Der Vorleser = The Reader. It was first published in 1995 and soon became a best seller and controversial because of its story line. It won many prizes including some for the use of German. It did not end as I expected.

I’ve started to read The Tribe by Ben Cobley who is a journalist and former Labour Party activist. It was a present from Ian in Australia. I find his use of English and writing style sometimes difficult to follow and understand. I think a university degree in Sociology would help you to understand his style! The sub-title is, ‘The Liberal-Left and the system of Diversity’.

The other book I have started to read is A. C. Grayling, ‘The God Argument:The Case against Religion and for Humanism’. Here you have a master of the English language and academic ability to present his case in a simple logical way. Read it. It will make you think.

The final book is ‘ Nein! Ich will keinen seniorenteller!’ = No. I don’t want a senior plate/dish! It is translated from the English and is light reading for when I am sitting in the U-S Bahn on the way somewhere. Happy reading to remind you that you don’t have to spend half your life staring into a smartphone – a book does a better job:-)