Left bed


You know that I returned to Berlin from Brexitland a week ago. You also know I have been having medical-hospital investigations into my skin problems. This included a complete body test to see if I had skin cancer. I got some gel from the hospital called MitroGalen Gel.

I left it in Berlin when I flew to Brexitland. There I noticed that my skin problems were slowly disappearing – healing. This has happened before when I have been to other countries for holidays – visits. My skin problems started again when I returned. At the moment my forehead, nose, cheeks are covered in out-breaks including little yellow spots. Ah… puberty again – but they are not like teenage spots. They are tiny hard yellow growths on the skin.

It seems that the problem has something to do with being in Berlin. Not sure if it is the water or the air. I shall tell the Docs about this on my next visit to the hospital – but that is not until the first week in January next year :-(( Meanwhile, I’ll see if the gel helps. You cannot buy it from a chemist. It is only available on prescription.