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Yorkshire is famous for a number of foods. The two most famous are Pork Pies and Fish ‘n Chips with ‘mushy peas’. You won’t find them in Germany!  Here you can see a photo of pork pies which have been sliced. My
favourite is from a shop in Skipton.

This is a market town to the west of Silsden. The shop is small and run by a family. They make pork pies which are very popular in the area. I like to buy them warm and fresh. I then take them to the church garden opposite. Sit down and sink my teeth into the pie. Mmmmmhhh….delicious! I wish the company could export the pies to Berlin!

On my last day I went to Ilkley with Barbara and sister Frances. We went into Betty’s Tea Room on The Grove. It is now a ritual inherited from parents and grandparents. We had the traditional Yorkshire Cream Tea. You can see a photo here. Very nice and popular with locals and tourists.

Finally, a photo of a traditional breakfast,. Yes, it is bacon and eggs with a sausage and baked beans – which is not traditional!  Still popular and eaten a lot in Yorkshire.