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August 2019 Things

I got my wheelie-travel-bag out of the cellar this morning and shall place clothes in it tomorrow. I then went through files and papers and now have all the documents I need for the flight on Wednesday. I’m not sure about warm or summer clothes for there is a difference in weather between Berlin and Brexitland. Even so, the forecast is for cooler weather and rain here on Wednesday.

I wonder what awaits me in Brexitland and if I shall understand the mentality of the Brits better after my visit. Listening to Beeb 4 News. The story is about possible closure of a car factory near Liverpool. It is not the first. Many thousands of jobs are at risk. I am staying on the island for two weeks so please note : NO UPDATES TO MY BLOG FOR TWO WEEKS!

Who has a birthday in August? Shirley in Florida starts us off with her 80th on the 1st August. She shares the day with Christian Dix in Berlin who will be 25. Beatrix Dames in Berlin will be 45 on the 6th and Jerome Dix, also in Berlin, will be 24 on the 8th. Martina Müller from my Kowalke Gang will be 71 on the 19th, followed by French teacher Nicole who will be 74 on the 21st. Angelica will have a nice party at the house near Muggelsee to celebrate her 67th on the 25th of the month. I shall be there to enjoy the music. My sister Pauline will be 75 and celebrate with Lew and family in Cambridge on the 26th August. Dieter in Jüterbog will be 75 on the 27th and I shall be there. Bernhard Petro will be 59 on the 28th. He shares this day with my wonderful Jan who will be 36 on that day and celebrate with his better half and his beautiful little daughter. Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you are!

Other Events: Peter and Andre celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary on the 9th. Andrea and Marco celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary on the 23rd. On the 27th I shall go to Birgit Gast’s family grave to place flowers to mark her untimely death 15 years ago. How we miss you, Birgit.