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Mop ‘n Book

Last Friday I bought a new mop and bucket. This is just one of the many ‘exciting’ things about living in Berlin and the daily routine. This is what my blog is about. You do not need me to tell you that Mrs Merkel is having a problem with shaking, about the British team winning a cricket game, or about the latest gaffes from Pres. Trump or Boris Johnson. You get information about all that in your local – national news service. I don’t think BBC4 News will tell the world that I bought a new mop and bucket and yet it is important in terms of keeping my place clean, and how I do it, and should make you smile. The latter is the most important 🙂

Last Wednesday evening I went to my local SPD meeting, which I mentioned before. On Thursday and Friday I went to Stefan’s courses for seniors to learn how to turn on a tablet or smartphone. I had a wonderful lazy weekend reading two books. One in German and one in English. My doorbell rang on Saturday and I was handed a package. It contained a book. It was from Ian in Ozland and contained the simple message, “Happy summer reading”. A great way to relax and enjoy the lazy summer days. Thanks, Ian!

Tomorrow I am meeting the SPD Oldies to sit in a boat and enjoy the sights from the water. I did this tour with them last summer which I enjoyed. On Thursday morning I have to go to a local hospital at 11.00 am. This time it is a full body check and will take hours. The investigation is to see if I have skin cancer. On Friday morning I shall be training with Kerstin and her Keep Fit Oldies before meeting Stefan for a Photoshop Gang session.

At the end of my last post I said I had been to a travel agents. The news is that I shall be flying to Brexitland on 31st July for a two week stay. It will be limited to Yorkshire with family and friends. I am also looking forward to eating lots of pork pies from the shop in Skipton. I told you about this before. Mmmmmh……I wish I had some now!