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Summer Party

Yesterday I went to a summer party east of Rüdersdorf. This is a village on the B1 road that takes you from the centre of Berlin to the Polish border. Yes, you need 4 wheels to get to the garden house. I met Werner and his wife near where I live. They gave me a lift. He is a member of Kerstin’s Keep Fit for Oldies Group on a Friday. Other Oldies from her Wednesday morning group were also present.

The event was organised by Elka and her husband, who are members of Kerstin’s Wednesday group. The have a garden house near to Rüdersdorf which they offered for our summer party. Unfortunately, the weather was cool but we all arrived with warm winter jackets. We settled onto the terrace and started the event with coffee and fruit cakes. Everyone had to contribute something and mine was 2 bottles of dry, white wine and 6 kinds of fresh fruit.

We later moved to the lawn with more glasses and lots of talking. Then it was time to play bowls. This is a part of each summer meeting and very enjoyable. Here you can see a photo of the Gang playing in a flat area next to the garden house. This time I helped to keep score.

We had an unexpected winner. A member of the Friday Gang who recently fell and damaged his right arm. It did not stop him from the best throws and being the winner!

More relaxing and chatting as some members started the two grills and prepared for the main meal of the event. Very traditional grilled sausage and cutlets served with lots of potato and fresh green salads. Pudding was all the fruit I had brought and it did not take long for that to disappear. A really nice relaxing day. I could enjoy such a day once a week!