Left bed


Since my last post it became hotter. This morning it was 38°C on my balcony. I have spent all day in the

shade and mainly reading a book. The area is very quiet. I think people are hiding at home in the shade or have left for rivers-lakes to cool off in the water – or left for the coast for the weekend.

Last Thursday started with a meeting with the ‘Tablet and Smartphone’ Group. It is led by Stefan and he helped me to work with my tablet. It is now 9 years old. I inherited it just over a year ago when Herman died. Stefan said some things cannot be updated but I can still learn how to use it. I’ll try.

I then went to a local restaurant. The one run by disabled people I told you about before. There I met Imre. We ordered the set 3 course lunch for €5. I gave him my salad and the pudding. The main dish was enough. Imre munched away then said he was still hungry so ordered the 3 courses again! Even the waitress was rather surprised. Here is a photo of him in another restaurant – and munching away.

On Friday I went to Kerstin’s Training for Seniors Gang, as each Friday. We are not meeting next week for we are having out annual garden party, which lasts all day. From training I went to Stefan’s Photoshop course where we did more work on a photo using a new programme. After that, I went around the corner to a barber’s shop and got a very short summer haircut. Ideal for this weather.

Yesterday, I met Johanna in my garden in the evening. We sat in the shadow of a tree, sipped cool white wine and had a good chat. This morning I had a long chat with Ian from Ozland and caught up on news. The rest of the day has been a lazy one trying to keep cool. At least the music fans in Glastonbury can enjoy the sun rather than rain, which usually marks the event.