Left bed


I took Harald to a local restaurant where people with mental disabilities are trained to prepare them for regular work. I told Harald about it and he wanted to go there today. I found less people there, perhaps due to the heat, and it is now holiday time in Berlin so less people are running around.

We ordered the three course lunch offer and a glass of cool beer. A nice combination! Harald liked the place and the menu and said he would return to support the project. We then headed to his car and ended up at a shopping centre south of where I live.

We entered a large electrical store. I showed the assistant the note written by Thorsten on Monday on which he wrote the details of a CD-Player and DAB Radio to replace my aged equipment. He took us to the machine and I bought it.

If you are looking for a replacement for your system you will find all you need in the compact Panasonic SC-PM 254 EG. It costs €120,00. See the photo. Back at my place we set the thing up and discovered everything worked. I still need to read the instructions and experiment with it over the next few days. Thanks to Harald for the day, and using his car so that I didn’t have to carry the box home. Now to enjoy my CD collection – especially the voice of Lorraine Hunt!