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Fitness Grill

This time yesterday I was on my way to the Fitness Centre on the side of the River Spree. I meet Kerstin’s Oldie Fitness Gang there for a session of movement every Friday at 10.00 am. This time there was a meeting of members to enjoy the hot weather, chat and a grill party. Members are invited to such a grill party each summer. I go each year.

I went on my bicycle and found the Fitness Centre members sheltering in the shade of the entrance. It was 30°C so the shade was welcome. There was a wide range of food including salads and lots of fruit – not only meat! I joined a couple I knew and then  went to the grill.

I selected a well grilled sausage (Wurst), some green salad with potato salad. I smeared the sausage with ‘Bautz’ner Senf ‘ = mustard from a town called Bautzen – my favourite! I sipped a cool beer as I munched away. Very tasty and I followed it with a plate of fresh fruit.

Very interesting to see many of the other guests. Lots of muscle on show, including some women who clearly were serious body builders. A really pleasant afternoon with nice people showing off their muscles. Don’t forget to watch the German Under 21 Football Team on TV this evening.