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Garden Party

Phew, but it’s hot. I recorded 34°C on my balcony earlier. Many people are staying at home to escape the heat. It was only 24°C last Sunday when I cycled to the next district called Marzahn. I had been invited to a garden party by Drs. Pardon. I have posted about them before so regular readers will know about them and where they live.

Frau Dr. Pardon had just returned from St. Petersburg. She teaches German at the university there. She is a pensioner but loves the city, language, people, culture and teaching. It was great to see her again and their other guests. A nice mix of languages and cultures including Norway and Ukraine and all are teachers in Berlin and Potsdam.

We settled around the tables in the garden to enjoy the strawberry cakes and coffee. Mmmh..very tasty plus lots of interesting discussions. We later sipped wine and beer before lighting the grill for the evening ‘snack’.

As the evening advanced and it got cooler, the guests began to leave for home. I thanked our hosts, jumped on my bike and twenty minutes later I arrived home. A really great day!