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A Visit

Last Saturday I was getting ready to leave for Bernau to see the Hussitenfest Procession when the phone rang. It was Bro1 from The Boyz. “Hello Opa, can we visit you, we have not met for some weeks and want to see you again”. What else could I say but, “Okay”. I decided to visit the Hussitenfest next year!

Shortly after, the bell rang and they arrived with big smiles. I just stared at them for they had different hair styles, beard and Bro2 had a very clear mustache. I burst out laughing but they just gave me a hug, as usual, and joined in the laughing. We then went to my local supermarket for they said they were hungry. I told them to buy what they wanted but they had to cook it. The agreed.

Here you can see Bro1 cooking the food they bought. I have discovered he is a good cook and even cooks where he lives with his family. Here is a photo of Bro2 stuffing food into his mouth but notice the hairstyle. They explained they had been busy at school, with sports groups and meeting friends. I told them that was more important and they could always come to my place.

They then wanted to watch a DVD in English, which they did, then slowly got ready to return home. They took all the clothes for their mother and sister kindly donated by friends of mine. It was really nice to spend time with them and I was sure I had made the right choice to meet them rather than go to Bernau.