Left bed


It’s cooler. Only 25°C on my balcony. Tomorrow should be warmer 🙂  Yesterday, I had a visit from Daniel. As you know, he is busy studying at a university in Berlin, and enjoying life as a student. He called to say he would like to visit for it was a number of months since we had last met.

He arrived looking very well, healthy and fit. No surprise for he is a regular visitor to a fitness studio.  Over cups of green tea we exchanged news. His English was as good as always and he no longer has English lessons at the university. His teacher said he doesn’t need them!

He gave me a bottle of Kvint. I can hear you asking what that is. He visited his family in Moldova last Easter and bought the bottle for me. Here is some information from the bottle: “Kvint, Tiraspol Winery and Distillery – Divin – Aged 10 years. Product of Moldova. It is produced from local grapes and aged in oak barrels for 10 years, amber colour, rich and full aroma with a long-lasting and soft aftertaste”.

I shall open it on a very special occasion and let you know how it tastes. Many thanks to Daniel for thinking about me and buying a bottle of local ‘whiskey’. I wonder if I am the only person in Berlin with such a bottle.