Left bed

Vote, Rubbish, Wash

I voted in the EU Election at 11.30 CET. No surprise where I put my cross. The voting papers here had 40 candidates/parties. There was a queue, which made me happy. Should be an interesting result. I wonder how the Brits voted in the election. We’ll know before we go to bed this evening.

In the last couple of weeks I have been making a note of more ‘spoken rubbish’ heard in interviews on BBC Radio 4. Perhaps they will make you smile as you read them – and/or roll your eyes in disbelief.

Here goes:- re-localising food / better price points / the noise around nutrition / Muslimness / it’s truly terrible (I wonder if the negative is — it’s untruly terrible) / wind your neck in / social and structural issues / to medicalise someone / upstream de-watering / he has been tasked to get a handle on it / to put votes on seats / he’s more like marmite /.

You know that I recently bought a new washing machine and am still learning how to use it. I am making progress but had to deal with a new problem last Friday morning. See the photo. The machine started to ‘froth at the mouth’! Fortunately the caretaker was in the next building. He came over and diagnosed the problem. The drainage pipes were blocked. I cleaned them and we tested the machine again. All went well. The things I still have to learn!