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Turm means tower and Müggel is the name of an area including Grosser and Kleiner Müggelsee (lakes) to the south-east of Berlin. There is also a small town called Müggelheim near the lakes. It is one of my favourite areas to visit, which I usually do on my bicycle.

Last Tuesday I met my SPD Oldies at 2.00 pm. We jumped into some cars and headed for Müggelturm. The tower was built in 1960-61 on the top of a hill called Little Müggelberg. At ground level there was a restaurant very popular with visitors in summer. The tower has no lift so you have to climb 126 steps to get to the top and enjoy the remarkable views of the lakes, rivers and forests. I did just that and took some photos.

The others had settled into the restaurant to enjoy ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’. A few wandered around the terraces but did not try the 126 steps. Many of them now have walking problems and have to use a stick or zimmer frame. I was hungry so ordered a hot meal, including asparagus, which I enjoyed sitting in the sun on the terrace with a view to the small lake and connecting river.

The original restaurant closed in 1990 when the DDR ended, and the complex remained closed until 2014 when a new investor began to modernise the complex. This includes a new restaurant, lifts to the terrace, and car park at the foot of the tower. Reconstruction and modernisation is still taking place. The next time you come to Berlin try to visit the area and enjoy walking up the 126 steps. If I could do it then so can you. The views are well worth the effort!