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Lazy Week

Since my last post I have had a rather quiet week with nothing remarkable. In fact, Wednesday and Thursday were lazy days with no appointments. I spent the time washing, cleaning and reading texts about elections in India and the history of the major parties. On Monday I met Barbara who checked my German letters/notes and later met Thorsten who got my WLAN radio working again.

Today I did some training with Kerstin’s Oldie Gang then went for a haircut. Same shop but a different barber. Yes it is a traditional hairdresser = just for us ‘boys’. This time I had a new hairdresser. He comes from Niger and speaks French, but only German with me. I asked for a summer short cut and he did an excellent job. I shall certainly ask for him next time.

This evening I am going to my local museum. I have been invited to the opening of an exhibition by a local photographer. The mayor will be there as well as prominent people from the ‘art’ world. Tomorrow afternoon I shall be at a ‘Familienfest’ in the local shopping centre. The SPD candidate for the EU election next weekend will be there in addition to her predecessor. I shall be helping on a stall.

Yes, the EU election is only a short time away. I recently got some interesting booklets with lots of information about the EU institutions. I fear that not enough people in the EU know enough about the functioning of the EU and division of powers with the EU nation states. I found the booklets informative. In addition, there have been some interesting programmes about the EU on non-commercial TV stations.