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In my last post I showed you a photo of Imre offering me a bottle of wine and something wrapped in paper. I asked you to guess what it was/could be. It is a pity that you can no longer posts comments to my blog. I removed that function when someone tried to hack into the blog. Well! Did you guess correctly? The answer is a ‘Smartphone’!

I am still surprised by that present. I am well known for ignoring smartphones, and the abilities to post rubbish and insults to other people, offered by smartphone programmes. I suppose the answer is not to open such social network accounts and respect the right of other people to have a different opinion.  I shall do that as I start to learn how to use my surprise present.

Each Monday afternoon there is a nearby meeting for ‘seniors’ to learn such things. I shall be there on Monday asking questions such as, “What does that do?”, “Do I need it?” “Can I just ignore all that and just phone?”. Here is a photo of the new smartphone. On the left you can see my trusty simple mobile phone and on the right is a reserve I give to visitors to use when they are in Berlin.