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My Day

Yesterday was My Day. I really enjoyed it although I did not throw a big party or gather lots of people to celebrate with me. Looking back over the years, I’ve always had a low key day and even in childhood it was only celebrated within my family. I remember other children at school celebrating their birthday with big parties, to which I was sometimes invited, but that was not something I experienced as I grew older.

Yesterday started slowly with a light breakfast, then I got ready for the day. I did some reading before I settled into mid-morning with the first coffee. I then started to open my cards. For me, this has always been the highlight of my Big Day. I get a lot of pleasure from opening the envelopes and reading the messages. Here you can see the cards I opened yesterday.

At midday, the bell rang and Imre arrived. He had asked to visit and I had agreed. He expressed surprise at the number of cards before opening his bag and presenting me with a bottle of red wine and a small package wrapped in paper. His present was something of a shock and not what I expected. Try to guess what it was. I’ll tell you in my next post 🙂

We then went to a local restaurant and settled down to enjoy the daily lunch offer. Lots of talking as we munched away. We walked through the area to get some exercise after lunch and returned to my place where we later enjoyed ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’. The latter was strawberry cake – very tasty!

In the evening I went to a number of meetings and returned home late and ready for bed. As I closed my eyes I thought about all the people who had sent me cards and telephone messages, and so I began to sleep with a big smile on my face!