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Mug cycle

I cycled to Muggelsee yesterday with Imre. It was not planned. We had agreed to go east to Petershagen and then onto the lakes around Strausund. Imre asked to change this for he had been working late and wanted a less stressful bicycle tour. I agreed.

We met at my local S.B station and slowly cycled down to Wühlheide Park. One of my favourite areas to visit and enjoy the green environment. As we got near the childrens play area, Imre said he had not eaten breakfast and wanted to eat chips. In two minutes we were at a ‘snack-caravan’ which served chips with sausages.

Imre ordered chips and sausage. I ordered just chips but with a glass of beer – it was a late breakfast after all! Here is a photo of Imre enjoying his breakfast. We then jumped onto the bicycles and off again. We went through some back streets of the district called Köpenick into areas that were new for me.

We stopped at a bridge which marked the convergence of two rivers. Here is a photo of Imre looking at the water from the bridge. After enjoying that view, we cycled further and took a route past a hospital and onto a cycle track that took us onto the south shore of Lake Muggelsee.

There were lots of young families with babies enjoying the weather and lake side. It was nice to see them. We cycled further and stopped for a water/fruit juice/snack break. We talked a lot and enjoyed the weather and lake views before slowly taking the way back. A really pleasant relaxing day on a bicycle and sharing the time with someone who always has something to say!