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Happy Easter

I wish my readers a very Happy Easter. I’m enjoying the long weekend partly because of the wonderful sunny weather. Easter Friday started with a traditional breakfast at Jutta’s. She always gives such a breakfast at Easter. Most of the ‘Kowalke Gang’ met and exchanged news and views as we munched away.

I spent yesterday in Strausberg  with Johanna and Putta. It is one of my favourite places. It is to the east of Berlin on the route to the Polish border. Here is a map of the area from which you can see the town. It is on the east side of a lake and has a ferry to connect both sides. Here is a photo (above) of the south of the lake with the ferry.

We travelled there by S-Bahn and walked into town. We looked around the ferry area which has a  memorial to the Jewish people who lived there and were sent to concentration camps and killed. We decided to walk down the lake and then up on the opposite side to the ferry and back to where we started.

There are many luxury houses on the side with private access to the water and boats. I took some photographs as we continued our walk and finally arrived at the ferry- We had just missed one so waited in the sun for the next.

Back in town we went into a nearby restaurant and sat in the garden. We ordered fish dishes with spargel (asparagus) which is now in season and very popular. Here is a photo of my plate. I could eat it all again now!