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Another Writer

I recently posted about Holger from Bremen. He is a hobby writer of short stories and I showed you a copy of the latest book he and his group have brought onto the market. I have known another hobby writer for almost as long as I have known Holger. His name is Neil Deane and he hails from Liverpool.

He now lives, teaches and writes in Essen. This is a city in the old industrial western area of Germany. He teaches at the University of Duisburg-Essen  He and his wife came to Berlin a couple of days ago to visit friends and celebrate Neil’s 62nd birthday. Neil lived in Berlin for many years before moving to Essen. He has written three books as you can see from the picture.

They are about his experiences of growing up in Liverpool during the 1960-70’s and include interesting comments on singers and local bands – such as The Beatles! His last book is about changes there for good and bad and also about some experiences of moving to Germany and his life here.

He called me and we agreed to meet at a restaurant he likes. It is in the centre of town near to Friedrichstrasse Station and on the side of the River Spree. I met them there for lunch on Saturday. He looked very well and we certainly did a lot of talking about the past and latest events in our lives plus plans for summer. I plan to visit them when the sun shines and explore Essen for I do not know this town. Looking forward to that.