Left bed

Burnt apples and more clothes

Yesterday evening I decided to cook some apples. I peeled and sliced them then added sugar, some water and put onto a low heat on my cooker. I then opened my computer, found a programme on BBC to listen to and forgot the apples. They sizzled (first time I have used this word on my blog!) away and turned black. 

I managed to get some into my re-cycle waste bin but many stuck to the bottom of the pan. I decided to let them soak overnight and try later. I have just tried again and most are still stuck to the pan. More water and leave them until tomorrow. Perhaps I shall be able to get them off the pan then. 
Talking of water: My block of flats were without water all morning. We were warned a week ago so no surprise. The problem was a leakage in the main supply pipe running through the cellars of the flats. The repair van has just left and I turned on the taps. Yes, water came out. Now to get a shower and enter the afternoon! 
Before I checked the water, I got an expected ring on my doorbell. It was Angelika. You may remember I used to watch her playing in an orchestra for many years. Now she has retired but still plays as a guest. She brought a large bag full of clothes for the daughter and mother of ‘The Family’. Interesting that they arrived just after I got supplies from Bremen. 
Listening to BBC Radio 4 News at the moment. Just heard Mrs. May informing the House of Commons that Julian Assange has been arrested. You may remember  that he was the founder of WikiLeaks and lived in the Ecuador Embassy in London for 7 years. The Ecuador Government withdrew his asylum hence arrest by London police. I wonder what will happen next!