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B. Breakfast

Two weeks ago, Johanna had a birthday. She was in Spain so I and other members of ‘The Kowalke Gang could not celebrate with her. We did just that yesterday morning. German people have many nice ways of celebrating all kinds of events. One of my favourites is ‘ The Birthday Breakfast’. It usually starts mid to late morning and ends when guests leave with no regard to the clock!

I arrived on  time and got details about her Spanish visit just before other guests rang the bell. Presents were given, greetings exchanged and then we settled down around the table. We started with sparkling wine from Spain. That was one of my donations to the event.  Starting with a toast is also traditional. I had Green Tea with my breakfast but the others drank coffee.

As we relaxed with full stomachs we sipped more sparkling wine. The conversations continued to cover many topics and it was interesting to listen to other views and opinions. The breakfast ended mid-afternoon as we said our goodbyes. What a wonderful way to start the weekend. The bonus was also the weather. Warm and sunny yesterday and today – I even got 21°C on my balcony. Here is a photo of the Lady and The Gang!