Left bed

Waiting for —-

No, I am not “Waiting for Godo” but for the people who will deliver and install my new washing machine and take away my old one for recycling. I have prepared the kitchen for their arrival.

The wooden working top is now resting on my balcony, the drawers are in the middle of the room and  the washing machine is where the drawers were. I can’t move it further for it is still attached to the water pipes. Looking forward to my new machine for the pile of clothes for washing grows by the day and I need to wash bedding.

I am also waiting for a visitor. He called yesterday and asked if I would be at home. I explained that I had to wait for the washing machine people, so he said he would cycle over and bring a large fruit cake. Guess who? Yes, your are right. It is Imre. We are having good weather at the moment with blue skies and warm sun. Trees and flowers are suddenly starting to bloom and Berliners have shed their winter clothes for lighter ones. I have even seen two young men in the U-Bahn wearing shorts! Here is a photo taken on my balcony so you can see for yourself.

To be continued: The new machine was delivered late afternoon and the old one taken away for re-cycling. There was a problem with the water connection, but the caretaker got it to work and will install a new one next week. After all had left, including Imre, I tried to get the machine to work

Water pumped in and the machine started. It went on for hours so I just pulled out the plug. On Friday I asked Stefan from my Photoshop Gang how to get the thing working. he knows all about machines as well as computers. He gave me a diagram and list of things to do. I later tried it and it worked! I even managed to wash the bedding! Now I just have to ‘learn by doing’. Here is a photo of the new machine. Hope yours is working okay.