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April 2019 Things

I woke late, made lots of Green Tea and munched on a slice of fruit bread. A nice way to start the day. Then I noted the time on my clocks did not match the time on my radio. Time to move from Winter to Summer Time. This is being debated by the EU Parliament at the moment. Does the EU stay in one time zone or not – that is the question! I just moved all my clocks/watches one hour forward, and made more Green Tea.

I then did my German homework for Barbara. We are meeting at her place tomorrow at 1.00 pm, as usual. I wrote four pages for her to check plus work on prepositions which can be in Akkusativ or in Dativ. I still need to get this clear. What a pity I did not learn German when I first came here. My working language was English. But better late than never!

I had a very expensive day yesterday. I filled my washing machine with mixed clothes and turned the ‘ON’ switch on. The machine started to fill with water and then rotate. I then ignored it until I noticed a long silence. I pressed the ‘ON’ button again and nothing happened. I checked the switches and power supply. No problem but the machine would still not start. This is the second time the same make of machine has done this over the last few years. Here is a photo of the ‘ex’ – machine. Yes, it is a Whirlpool, but my new one is not!

I called my neighbour, Marita, and she said to bring the wet clothes to her. I did that and she washed them. Meanwhile I took the S-Bahn two stops to Köpenick to a large shopping centre. I went into the shop where I had bought the washing machine. I looked at the cheapest on offer and bought one. It will be delivered on Thursday afternoon. With delivery costs and re-cycling my old machine, I had to fork out €320. A rather expensive start to the weekend!

Who has a birthday in August?
Horst will be 85 on the 4th and celebrate with his son on Majorca and not in Berlin. Uli hits 72 on the 6th. His wife Petra has her birthday on the 8th. Dennis will celebrate his 64th in California with his wife and sons. This is followed by Neil Deane who will be 62 on the 13th and celebrate with his lady and friends in Essen. Waiting for him to publish another book. My great-nephew Henri hits all of 9 years on the 18th followed by my old business partner Mathias who will be 55 on the 19th. Peter in Altlandsburg will be 56 on the 22nd and sure to celebrate with Andre and friends there. Birgit F. ends the month with her 55th birthday on the 24th here in Berlin.
Happy Birthday to each and all no matter where you are.