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B Day

It’s Brexit Day! The UK should be leaving the EU today, but——. I am sure you have heard all about it via your TV or radio reports. This afternoon the House of Commons rejected the Government’s proposals for withdrawal for the third time.

The new Brexit date is 12th April and without an agreement. It all sounds very complicated. Keep listening to/watching your radio/TV and hope you can understand the reports.

I’ve had a nice week with nothing special to report. My weekend is empty but the weather forecast is good so I shall probably head off somewhere on my bicycle. I listened to other programmes on BBC Radio 4 yesterday and winced as I heard these examples of ‘modern’ English.

Try these for more UK verbal rubbish: unpindownability / unpindownable / achingly / a way of exiting / its realer than / I will action that / overwintering / he has took over / it has a job of work to do / people are buildable. I wonder how I can build a few people on Sunday if I have nothing else to do!!     Have a nice weekend.