Left bed


The sun shone late morning and into the afternoon. Now it has gone and we have grey skies. Looks like it could rain as well. Earlier I had 12°C but now it is cooler. It was nice to see such a change in the weather. You can see how my garden looked in the sunshine.

I met Barbara for a German session on Monday. We started as usual with chatting about what we had been doing since our last meeting. She then corrected my homework writing before we ended with dictation.

Tuesday was very busy. It started with a meeting which included Johanna. I then met my Oldies for a language session. I had lunch in a nearby German restaurant. They offered a special dish of roast salmon. Very tasty and at a good price. I then rushed to a meeting with my SPD Oldies. Lots of talking over Kaffee und Kuchen.

From there I took an S-Bahn to Friedrichstrasse, then into a U-Bahn for one stop and a walk down Oranienburgstrasse until I reached a bar-restaurant. I went into the back room as usual to meet members of the Berlin Labour Party. I met some new members and a guest from London. It was a very full day and in contrast to today. A nice lazy one with time for me to do homework, lots of reading and relaxing. Friday is booked out and I am going to a Bach concert on Sunday. Looking forward to that!