Left bed


I had a nice weekend, and I hope you did. The weather was not nice but I still enjoyed it. On Saturday I met Johanna for a cuppa green tea and a chat. Later I went to my local supermarket to buy things I would need on Sunday. I finished Saturday with some homework, reading and watching TV. As usual I dozed off then woke to hastily get ready for bed.

Sunday morning I woke late and got ready for a visit. Guess who? Yes, ‘The Boys’ had called to ask if they could visit. Of course I said, ‘Yes’. Now you know why I was shopping for food on Saturday! They arrived a little later than planned and soon settled into work. Bro1 needed to complete a task from school. It was about completing forms for a period of work-training. He had a number of internet addresses to advise him. As you know they do not have internet where he lives, hence visits to my place to complete tasks.

While he did this, Bro2 got out his English book and practiced the differences between adverbs and adjectives. At first he did not understand so I gave him examples of adverbs working with verbs and adjectives working with nouns. He then understood and was able to complete the task. Shortly after I head the cry I was waiting for, ‘Grandpa, I’m hungry!’ No surprise there.

This time Bro1 took over cooking and I just let him. He helps his mother with cooking at home and has a feeling for it. When ready, they tucked in and finished off with a fruit salad I had made earlier. After eating they returned to homework, completed that and then cut each others hair. Bro2 learnt how to do this in an earlier work project. They then packed their bags and left with loud thanks for helping them.

This evening I am going to a film about the role of the SPD and AWO in the struggle of German women to get the vote. There is a discussion after with snacks. Should be interesting and I can learn a lot more about German history. enjoy your evening.